King size

Room with king-size bed – Ruudu

Women played an important role in the literary career of Juhan Smuul, the most famous resident of Koguva village. Our only room with a king size bed is named after Smuul’s mother Ruudu, who was one tough Muhu woman! 

She was 39 years old at the time of Juhan’s birth and in addition to her own son, she also breast-fed two other babies while their mothers were working out on the fields. She lived a very hard life. Juhan Smuul has described her mother as a great storyteller and a person who kept her feet firmly on the ground but her head always turned towards the sun.

The room Ruudu is the only one to have a private balcony overlooking to the pastures, the village and the harbor. All Ruudu’s guests are warmly welcome to enjoy our sundeck that is hidden from the winds and offers stunning views of the sea and sunset.