Bottengarn Kuressaare

Bottengarn is expanding to Saaremaa and we are opening a new complex at Kuressaare in autumn 2023. It will be named Bottengarn Kuressaare.

At the old town of Kuressaare, right by the ancient moat of Kuressaare castle, on a address Allee 8 lies a great example of wooden architecture from the 19th century. The house has a classical glass porch which is peculiar to a resort town. Owners changing in the vortex of last years led the houses to a devastating condition until it was put up for sale with a high price that is fair for the location.

Considering the location that offers a view straight to the Kuressaare castle, that captivated us right away, it is worth taking on the complicated process of renovating the houses. Yes, you rea it right, houses, because there is a courtyard outdoors kitchen with limestone walls that are rare to the Kuressaare old town.

Our goal is to construct a private and personal all-year round complex with an architecture that is peculiar to a resort town. We are not sharing a more detailed plan of our complex, it will be a surprise! We can hint that there will be different sized suites among other things. Kuressaare old town is nearby with its restaurants and other possibilities to spend your free time like tennis centre, stadium, beach, park, marina, golf course, several spas… Everything you need to have a perfect vacation!

You can get an idea of what we are planning from the pictures down below.