Bottengarn Resort

We are honoured to present a new vacation complex Bottengarn Resort, which locates at a private island in Turu archipelago, Finland, halfway to Aland.

Why did we choose this location?

For years, our family has been amazed by the beauty of Turu archipelago thanks to friends from there. Over time, our sympathy for the region deepened and it ended with purchasing an island and building a refuge to distance ourselves from the hubbub of the world. Not a long time ago we got a rare chance to expand our domains in the archipelago not far from our own island. And then we got the idea to offer this extremely exclusive and unique environment to others and here is the result!

More precisely about the location

Island locates in an archipelago between Turu and Aland and is very private in the middle of untouched nature. It is far from civilisation which gives you an amazing chance to enjoy breathtaking views and unalloyed nature. There are about a thousand islands in the Turu archipelago, many of them being inhabited and others being untouched by human hand and under nature reserve. Our island is also under nature reserve between other islands that keep away winds and waves from our resort. There are a million places to discover that are accessible by a boat- several ports, restaurants and cafes, depends on which arc of weather you decide to go! The archipelago of Aland is also not very far away.

We are keeping the exact location of our island a secret to maintain the privacy of our guests.

The complex of our island includes:

  • 2 proper piers at both ends of the island where water is 4 meters deep.
  • Main house with big terraces in the middle of the island.
  • A conservatory made of glass also in the middle of the island with a 360-degree view
    across the whole island.
  • Sauna complex with terraces and a hot tub on the north-west side of the island, just 5
    meters from the sea! There is a clear view to the sea trough glass walls from the sauna. There is a
    sandy cove in front of the sauna to swim between the rocks, you can use the stairs at the end of
    the wharf as well.
  • A terrace on top of the rocks with a view to the setting sun.

Different parts of the island are connected by composite terrace planks that form walkways, stairs, platforms and terraces. The point is to move only on our walkways and stairs to keep and sustain the untouched nature with lichens, blueberries, grasses etc. There is a boat with oars and an electric motor waiting for you by the wharf.

Bottengarn resort price list:

Minimum period of 7 days costs 15 000 EUR.
More information about the logistics and other details only for specific people who are planning a reservation.

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