Queen size

Rooms with queen-size beds – Ita, Debora and Ellen

Women played an important role in the literary career of Juhan Smuul, the most famous resident of Koguva village. He was married three times and all his marriages were full of love. In our guesthouse, we have three queen size rooms that are named after Juhan’s wives – Debora, Ellen and Ita. Ita Saks was Juhan`s first wife and by profession she was an interpreter. His second wife Debora Vaarandi was a well-known Estonian poet who wrote lyrics for the famous Estonian song “Saaremaa valss”. Juhan’s third wife Ellen Noot dedicated herself to radio work.

All the guests who stay in our queen size rooms are warmly welcome to enjoy our sundeck that is hidden from the winds and offers stunning views of the sea and sunset.