Bottengarn Farm

While Bottengarn Sea is located by an idyllic port of Koguva, then Bottengarn Farm is one of the largest and most spectacular farm complexes in Igaküla,  located just 2 kilometers away from Bottengarn Sea. After two years of hard work, we have given a new life to three houses: the main house, a granary and a former barn. The entire complex is surrounded by stone fences that have been typical in Estonian coastal areas and islands. Natural walkways meander between the houses, leading from one terrace to another. A 150 year old cellar decorates our courtyard. Everyone can find a corner that sits right for them, where they can rest and fall into the bosom of nature.

Bottengarn Farm is located on the former lands of Ivardi and Kästiku farms. One of them, Ivardi farm, was the birthplace of Estonian writer Aadu Hint. When we started the construction work, we found Aadu’s correspondence with his family from the time when Hint was just starting his career as a writer. On the 2nd floor of the main building, there is  a reading corner with the writer’s creation waiting for those who are interested in getting to know more about Estonian literature. All the names of the rooms at Bottengarn Farm are also inspired from Hint’s creation.

In general, we are of the attitude that if you are going on a vacation, one must be able to rest. In order to switch off completely, our rooms at Bottengarn Farm are TV-free. As an alternative to the screen, we recommend exploring the surrounding nature, reading the books on our bookshelves or enjoy the reproductions of paintings that decorate the walls of Bottengarn Farm. The selection has been painted by some of the best Estonian artists over the years about Muhu or Muhu features. 

We agree with the Bottengarn family that if you go on a vacation, you should always go with the whole family, including pets. We welcome your four-legged friends at Bottengarn Sea, animals are not allowed at Bottengarn Farm.