About us

Bottengarn is a brand new boutique guesthouse right by the sea in Koguva, an old fishing village full of local history and charm. We are open during the summer season from early June till late August. We have only five rooms, which enables us to treat all our guests just like we’d treat our own family members. The comfortable design rooms are located upstairs while the ground floor offers a huge common space overlooking the straight between Muhu and Saaremaa. Enjoy our sunset cocktails and nibbles, spend time playing board games, or socialize with other guests over a glass of wine.

You can also take a lazy stroll through the village and enjoy the ancient pheasant architecture. For more depth of local culture visit our private tiny fishing museum and handicraft shop or marvel at colourful Muhu traditional costumes in Muhu Museum. For lunch and dinner please book a table at our fishing shack style restaurant Noodakuur right next door.

But … what on earth might Bottengarn mean? It happens to be the centuries old, Swedish-origined name traditionally used in Koguva for a fishing equipment used for catching eel. By naming our guest house Bottengarn, we wanted to honour the old traditions of Koguva village while tying them with the contemporary forms of village life we are introducing.