Main house

The most noble building of the complex is a two-story main house, hiding the atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s. High ceilings, oak herringbone parquet and velvet furniture reflect the pride of that time. With us, every guest will feel like traveling back in time. There is a luxurious suite on the 1st floor and 4 smaller suites on the 2nd floor. There are common areas for all our guests to use: a living room with a tile oven, a kitchen with an open dining room and a porch from which you can easily move to our outdoor terraces.

Main House Suites

There are a total of 5 suites in the main house of Bottengarn Farm. The most grandiose of them is located on the first floor and is named after Aadu Hint`s book  “Kuldne värav” (translated as “The golden gate”). It describes the life of a boy named Laas at the beginning of the 20th century. On the second floor, 4 suites await our guests: two with one room and two with two rooms. The one-room suites “Metshaned” (translated as “Forest geese”) and “Tulemees” (translated as “Fireman”) accommodate up to two people. These books by Hint tell us about the lives of fishermen and coastal people. Books “Tuuline rand” (translated as “Windy beach”) and “Oma saar” (translated as “My Island”) have the same motive and that’s where our two-roomed suites got their names from. These rooms have two singular beds in addition to our regular bed, accommodating up to 4 people in the suite. In terms of space and comfort, bigger rooms are suitable for bigger parties, who are not able to fit in our standard room. Each of our suites has a double bed, a sitting area and a luxurious bathroom. From every window unfolds a special and eye-pleasing view of Muhu’s nature.

Aadu Hint’s books that inspired our room names and many other creations can be found on the bookshelf in our 2nd floor stairwell.

The Golden Gate

Windy Beach and My Island

Forest geese and Fireman