About us

The place where time stops

In 2018 we first opened Bottengarn Boutique Guesthouse that is located right by the sea in the historical fishing village of Koguva, a place full of local history and charm. The historical name of the guest house carries a special meaning. The name has Swedish origins and it was traditionally used in Koguva to describe the fishing equipment used for catching eel. By naming our guest house Bottengarn, we wanted to honour the old traditions of Koguva village, while tying them with the contemporary forms of village life we are introducing.

In the boutique guesthouse there are many comfortable and cozy rooms for different tastes. The comfortable design rooms are located upstairs while the ground floor offers a huge common space overlooking the straight between Muhu and Saaremaa. All 4 rooms are furnished and decorated with products of Schmidt and Riviera Maison. On the first floor you can enjoy our sunset cocktails and nibbles, spend time playing board games, or socialize with other guests over a glass of wine. Starting in 2020, we will offer an exclusive opportunity to spend a night in floating houses located out on the sea, right next to the fishing boats. Small and cozy guesthouse enables us to treat our guests just like we’d treat our family members!

You can also take a lazy stroll through the village and enjoy the ancient pheasant architecture. For more insight into the local culture, visit our tiny private fishing museum and handicraft shop or marvel at the colourful Muhu traditional costumes located in Muhu Museum. For lunch and dinner please book a table at our fishing shack style local restaurant right next door. 

Our season lasts from the beginning of June until the end of August.